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BTS Out Beat This Idol And Become The Most Followed K-Pop Group On Twitter

We already know BTS are above and beyond when it comes to their overwhelming popularity. However, it was recently noticed that the group took the title of being the most followed K-Pop account on Twitter from this famous idol - Big Bang's G-Dragon!

Before, G-Dragon was owning the ranks with over 8.7 Million followers on Twiter alone - quite the feat for just one guy! Now, the internationally successful boy group BTS are dominating the charts with close to 8.8 Million followers! Check out the official accounts' pages down below.

BTS have exactly 2,000+ followers more than G-Dragon which made it a close call in the end! It seems the record-breaking achievements of BTS have yet to come to an end! The boys have dominated music charts, broken records on YouTube and even their album sales have earned some bragging rights for the group. The boys show no signs of stopping in making 2017 (or 2018 for that matter) their year of wins!

Congratulations, again, BTS!

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