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Lovelyz’s Kei & MyunDo Collaborates For The Cover Of “Y”

Lovelyz's Kei and MyunDo have come together to do a cover of Freestyle's "Y"!

"Y" was a very popular track when it was released and till this day people are still listening to it.

Kei and MyunDo have teamed up to bring their own interpretation of "Y," while also keeping the original nostalgic feel. In the music video, rather than having the two appear in the video, they have decided to illustrate the lyrics through images. This music video can be seen almost like a lyrical music video. This sound track itself is filled with beautiful use of guitar that sets the tone to the track.

Kei have recently shown her amazing vocals on the reality show: "Girl Spirit." This is no exception of showing off beautiful vocals where the song fits her voice a lot. In particular, when she clearly and perfectly reaching the high notes, it definitely got chills running down my spine.

On top of that, MyunDo, who was part of "Show Me The Money 5," had a calm and collected rap flows well with this cover. His voice fits well with the instrumental track, allowing it a track that listeners can tune in and have on repeat.

This cover also featured singer and songwriter, BUMZU, who is the one singing the male parts. His smooth vocals ties all the whole piece together, giving a rather perfect cover of "Y."

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