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101 Trainees Compete to Form a Debuting Group in PRODUCE X 101

Here’s your chance to enjoy your favourite K-Pop entertainment and cheer for the future rising stars! Mnet, Korea’s most popular music channel, will bring you a more intense excitement ‘PRODUCE X 101’ Season 4 on its platform.

Held by Mnet, a South Korean pay television music channel, the past three seasons of ‘Produce 101’ have received global acclaim and praise. The show has grown in popularity among Asian countries, who have witnessed contestants delivering their best, sensational performances in front of an audience who determines the rising star’s future in the show by voting for their favorite act in multiple elimination rounds. Premiering on May 3, ‘PRODUCE X 101’ will be livestreamed on Mnet’s channel exclusively at the same time. Don’t miss this show if you are an absolute fan of K-pop!

In the past seasons, ‘Produce 101’ has made I.O.I, Wanna One and IZ*One popular across Asia, proving its popularity among fans. New to this series is the X rank, the lowest rank that makes a participant vulnerable to elimination, which will make the show more exciting and breathtaking. With the new theme song ‘지마’ (Don’t), this season’s group of contestants includes trainees under company labels, debuted idols, and individual trainees, including the most popular trainee Cha Jun-ho, Lee Yoo-jin from the TV drama “Sky Castle” and former WINNER member Nam Tae-Hyun’s brother Nam Donghyun , as well as Han Seung-woo and Choi Byung-chan from VICTION.

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