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Presidential Town Hall Forum 
CLIENT: U.S. Democratic Presidential Candidate
PROJECT: The APA Community Gen. Wesley Clark Town Hall Forum


  • Introduce a new Democratic Presidential hopeful, General Wesley Clark, to the Asian Pacific American constituents in the Southern California Area.

  • Create a forum where General Wesley Clark’s message, vision, and policies for the future of America can be expressed within his 1-hour visit to the event.

  • Coordinate with the campaign National Advance team, the APA host committee, Asian Media (TV, Print, & Radio), and the venue location logistics.

  • Organize the event in only 72 hours. 


  • Working with the campaign advance team, we concluded that a Town Hall forum was the best format to present General Wesley Clark and his message to the Asian Pacific Community in Southern California Area.

  • To optimize the reach of Asian American Community in such a short time frame, our agency and the APA host committee reached out to a majority of the Asian American media for coverage of the event.  We also organized a live radio broadcast, with in-language translation, by Radio Korea.

  • Create an in-language environment through customized Banners and Signage. 


General Clark had an intimate town hall meeting with his Asian American constituents in the Southern California area.  He was able to communicate his message and agendas through the event as well as through the multi ethnic media present at the event. The APA community was recognized as a powerful voting group. General Clark received key endorsements from APA community leaders.

Other notables:

  • Over 300 constituents representing the major APA communities attended.

  • Over 20 key APA media covered the event.

  • Radio Korea conducted a live remote from the event.

Subsequent to the event, Inception marketing was notified that the Clark Town Hall Meeting was the most organized and best political event the APA community has seen.  The meeting was labeled as logistically, one of the smoothest and well transitioned events. Gen. Clark’s staff commented that this event was one of his best events to date. 

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