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Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey 
CLIENT: Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey 
PROJECT: Off Premise Promo 


Sustain Crown Royal brand presence and increase sales against competitive brands during the key holiday buying period in the Korean retail accounts. 


Identify top Crown Royal Southern California Korean accounts and schedule demo sessions.

Schedule demos during periods coinciding with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Lunar New Year holidays.

Create cost efficient Crown Royal merchandising materials to hand out as free gifts together with purchase of Crown Royal. Recruit attractive Korean-American females and position them as crown royal spokes-models at each account. Majority of the accounts created 30 case end caps of Crown Royal products during the demo period.

Enhance Crown Royal demo presentation with POS displays and price point signage at end-caps.

The demos were supplemented by price promotions and were high lighted in store advertisings. 


A total of 2,114 Crown Royal (CR Canadian whiskey – 1,728 / CR Special Reserve – 389) products were sold through 11 key Korean accounts during 8 days of demos.

During the month of December, Southern Wine & Spirits delivered over 1,800 cases of Crown Royal to key Asian accounts. 

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