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Black Bush Irish Whiskey 
CLIENT: Black Bush Irish Whiskey
LOCATION: Kar Nak Night Club 
PROJECT: On Premise Promotion 


Launch a new spirit brand to Korean American consumers in Los Angeles and convert brand usage to Black Bush from Johnnie Walker Black and Crown Royal Special Reserve. 


Foster relationships with key bar and night club venues to support the new brand and provide such venues with product promotional kits. Gain support by bringing in added entertainment value with attractive Asian-American models to serve samples to patrons.  

Conduct educational seminars to management and wait-staff on the brand essence of the product.  Provide incentives to management and wait-staff to promote the product to their patrons as an alternative to other competetive brands. 


We used KarNak, the region’s top rated club catering to Korean-Americans, as the launch venue for Black Bush.  In conjunction with KarNak, Inception created a three-day concert event.  Black Bush became the presenting sponsor. The following resulted:

Total of 54 bottles of Black Bush were sold during the 12 hours of promotion. 19 bottles were sold the weekend following the event.  Additional two cases were depleted at the account. Received inquiries from other venues to conduct demos at their establishments. KarNak purchased additional cases after the demos.

Subsequent figures showed that KarNak alone, sold 10% of the total Black Bush Southern California monthly on-premise volume within the first month of the launch in the Korean-American market. 

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