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mixMATCH Entertainment is a full-service live concerts, event, advertising company located in Los Angeles, California. mixMATCH Entertainment offers complete live concert & event planning with the management services, programming & production, entertainment & special event coordination, high-quality activities, advertising & production and event promotion. Our services are available throughout the country to help companies, organizations, fairs & festivals, families, event venues, and resort properties present highly-effective events. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and an "Extreme Theme" approach to quality event presentation.


mixMATCH Entertainment has a combined 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry and serves as representative to many concerts and events. mixMATCH Entertainment has the strongest relationships with all the major American, Korean, Vietnamese and Filipino media players – concert, event, print, television, and radio serving the Asian markets across the nation, thus providing the best value to its clients, both in the media and the agency.


mixMATCH Entertainment’s role is to promote, organize and execute the 1st USA event.


We are committed to our client’s development and growth 

targeting the Asian American consumers. Provide top quality service to our clients by utilizing our agency staffs experiences,knowledge, and relationships.  mixMATCH Entertainment 

provides Big Picture Thinking for our clients, but follow up 

with detail in execution.   


In this new “World is Flat” society, brands not only need to 

identify their consumers but participate in the social activity 

of their customers.  

mixMATCH Entertainment will assist our client identify the 

Mavens, Connectors, and the Persuaders, in each Asian 

community.  Once identify, we can create a customized 

strategy based on our client’s budget and distribution. 

Our qualified multicultural team will help you succeed in the 

Asian market.  

+ Our top management team has 50+ years of experiences in concert, event, advertising and marketing field.

+ Astreet team contingent of over 20+ individuals to promote and demonstrate products in any language and anywhere in the continental United States.

+ Understanding markets and reacting faster to trends relevant to each one of our clients as well as our clients’ competitors.

+ Our information network and daily communications with media partners enable us to deliver audiences at the most effcient cost.

+ Analyze clients’ weaknesses in the marketplace to provide creative and effective solutions.



+ mixMATCH Entertainment’s mission is to create new value, variety and opportunity in cross-cultural markets for artists and entertainers. In the process, mixMATCH Entertainment is committed to supporting events that promote peace and positive influence, resolve intercultural conflicts and make our society a safe, enjoyable environment.

+ mixMATCH Entertainment is committed to contributing and working with both mainstream and Asian American companies to achieve success in the United States by building brand loyalty and trust.

+ mixMATCH Entertainment’s mission is assisting companies, institutions, and event organisers at every stage of the process from the definition of their event strategies to final implementation in the field.  

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